Direct access to iPath2

Use the form below to submit your element selection and other paramters directly to iPath2 interactive interface. If using this script programmaticaly, make sure you use a POST request to submit all paramaters. You have to specify the 'map_type' and either 'selection' or 'tax_filter', all other paramaters are optional.

ParameterPOST parameter nameInput
Element selectionselection
Main element selection. You can either type it into the box, or upload a plain text file with your selection.
Default opacitydefault_opacity Opacity setting for the non-selected parts of the map. Zero represents full transparency, while one is fully opaque
Default edge widthdefault_widthpx Edge width for the non-selected parts of the map. Default is 3px.
Default node radiusdefault_radiuspx Compound radius for the non-selected parts of the map. Default is 7px.
Keep original colorskeep_colorsWhen checked, non-selected parts of the map will not change color to the default one.
Default colordefault_color Non-selected parts of the map will use this color by default. Use standard hexadecimal RGB notation.
Background colorbackground_color Background color for the maps. Use standard hexadecimal RGB notation.
Select whole pathwayswhole_pathways If checked, any pathway with at least one matching edge or compound will be highlighted.
Query reaction compoundsquery_reactions If checked, compound presence within each edges reactions will also be checked
Species filtertax_filter You can use either NCBI tax ID or KEGG 3 letter species code. Only pathways present in selected species will be included in the map.
Map typemap_type interactive
If you want to directly generate a vector (SVG) or bitmap (PNG) image, select the desired format